When it comes to Christmas gift buying, we’re often left, in the first weeks of December, with a little bit of a brain-freeze – what should we buy, and where from? We head to Google, maniacally searching for gift ideas that we feel might mean something to our loved ones. It’s often online that you’ll find the best inspiration for your gifts – and this guide provides just that inspiration for those buying for the nerds of their family. With plenty to pick from, here are four gift ideas for the nerds and the boffins out there for Christmas 2020.

Consoles and games

It’s an easy gift idea to share, but it’s one that nearly everyone in the world would appreciate – especially those who already tend to spend a long while in front of a screen each and every day. With new Sony and Microsoft consoles coming out in time for Christmas, and a litany of new games arriving along with them, this promises to be a bumper festive season for fans of console gaming. And, if you think your loved one is more of a PC gamer, there’s plenty to buy in that field of electronic fun, too – for example – you may want to get your hands on Far Cry 6 Xbox X Key.

Electrical projects

If there’s one thing that smart and technically-gifted people love, it’s projects during which they’ll learn something new, and create something useful. This is exactly what recipients of electrical engineering equipment will enjoy as they build small items that can help them around the house or in their computing. Whether you buy wires, BJTs, circuit boards, microchips or more, this is a gift that keeps on giving – providing your loved one with the tools and the incentive to learn how to create circuits and computers in the future. 

Creative software

There are hundreds of thousands of items of software out there in the world. Many are designed to help businesses perform better – but many, too, have been created to help those with a creative disposition make something. This might take the form of animation software, or the kind of 3D modeling that you’ll use to create 3D-printed shapes and tools. Or, you might invest in music-making software; who knows, your loved one might be the next great bedroom DJ. All of this software is available on subscription – the perfect gift for those with an untapped creative potential this Christmas. 

Books and journals

Finally, what young person can do without books, magazines, annuals, journals, and all manner of exciting reading materials? Not only do books provide important time away from screens for young people, but they tend to stimulate different parts of their brains, requiring them to think differently as they read. There is a huge amount of exciting fiction or non-fiction aimed at every age group, which means that your purchase of books as Christmas presents for your loved ones should be simple. And it’s a gift that keeps on giving – remaining on the bookshelf for years to come. 

These simple gift ideas will help you go out and purchase perfect presents this festive season.