There are plenty of brands looking to improve their standing on the web. In order to achieve this goal, they contact website owners who have their ability to promote their products via backlinks and persuasive blog posts.  While you might have great standing in the eyes of Google, you will struggle to gain attention if your sites are designed in a haphazard fashion.

In order to improve your results, find out more about how websites attract the attention of web surfers by designing their pages in a specific manner.

With the knowledge you acquire, you’ll be able to benchmark their practices, thereby allowing you to move up the rankings on the internet.

Want to get off to a running start? Below, we’ll go through a few pointers that will help you break out of the gate in decent shape.

1 Have a professional design a logo/header for you

Your logo and header will be the first thing that a visitor to your website will see. Make sure they send a professional message.

Despite what you might think at first blush, there are graphic artists in the developing world who are able to design an eye-catching logo for a price that is dramatically lower than what you have might have been quoted by similar professionals at home.

By vetting candidates properly, you’ll be able to find a reliable outsourcer who will be able to give you quality work on a regular, ongoing basis.

2 Use professional stock photography

Don’t have the time or skill to take all the photos for your site? Neither do most other people. Instead of  doing this, they head to online stock photography galleries and they pony up the cash for amazing shots  that fit their posts perfectly.

Running on a skinny budget? Use free photo sites like Pixabay, and you’ll have pictures that make sense in the vast majority of contexts – just don’t forget to credit the author with a backlink to their Pixabay account.

3 Write compelling blog posts

One of the most important ways to stand out from others on the internet is with the quality of your copy.

You can draw in eyes with brilliant photos, but it won’t mean anything if your articles are irrelevant, boring, or are riddled with bad grammar and misspellings.

Start by bleeding in the first sentence, and continue on as if you were talking to a close friend about the topic you are writing about.