Let me see if this sounds right. You’ve got a web design business, and your abilities to whip up an awesome website for your clients are second to none.

Unfortunately, a business is about more than just doing great work. You also need to attract prospective clients; a major part is building an online presence.

Think about how great life would be if you had enough traffic to create clients consistently, and you could focus more on the web design, and less on marketing. Life would be pretty sweet, right?

If now is the time to start getting the traffic you want, you need to learn the best strategies to do so. One of them happens to be in this article.

Below, you’ll find a two-step method to drive more traffic to your web design business effectively.

You ready? Let’s dive in.

Improve Your Site’s User Experience

As a web design guru, this might sound like stupid advice. But rest assured; many web designers are so focused on their customers that they neglect their own site.

Great web design attracts users through beautiful imagery and color schemes. Phenomenal web design does all that and creates a simple and friendly user experience.

You’ll first want to make sure your site loads at an above-acceptable rate. In the age of technology, people’s attention spans are decreasing, which means it’s more important than ever that your site loads fast.

Then, just make sure your site’s navigation is easy to use, don’t clutter things up with annoying ads, and use your web design knowledge to spice up the appeal a bit.

You won’t have to hire someone else to do this, since you’re already the expert. Spending a little extra time on your own site can go a long way to secure the new traffic you’re going to be getting.

Implement a Basic SEO Strategy

Now you might be wondering, what is SEO?

With your catcher’s mitt in place, it’s time to boost that traffic.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a proven way to gain boatloads of highly targeted customers through organic searches. This is good news for you.

Begin your venture by using an SEO web analyzer to evaluate your current rank for specific web design keywords. You’ll also want to use the same tool and evaluate your competition as well. This will give you a baseline of where you’re at and show you what your competitors are doing so that you can improve your own.

SEO is definitely something you can spend days, even years, trying to learn. Some SEO strategies are worth it, others not so much. There are plenty of free beginner guides out there that will get you caught up to speed quickly. And they’ll make sure you focus only on the things worth doing.

The gist of what you need to do is first create high-quality, useful content for your audience. Then, promote that material through social media and other channels to gain exposure. If your content is as good as it should be, people will naturally want to read and share it, and this will reflect in your SEO rankings before you know it.

Traffic will be flooding in and your new site design should be enough to make them stay.


Traffic has the ability to make or break any online business. It’s imperative that you start implementing strategies like the one above so that your business sees the traffic growth you need to be successful.