The technological age that we currently live in is so progressive we can hardly keep up with it. Go back just 30 years or so and mobile phones were so big that they were barely mobile; you wouldn’t even have been able to fit them in your pocket.

Move on a few years and the phones were a lot more functional, but that was all they were; functional. They were quite simply a device that allowed us to make calls and receive text messages via a mobile network. Move on even further and we reach the present day.

Mobile phones are now small, compact and essentially a handheld laptop that can cover pretty much all of our technological needs. In the space of 20 years we’ve gone from have a brick sized device that would allow us to make a low-quality call, to a mini Apple Mac that fits in our pockets.


Betting on mobile – how has technology evolved in this area? - Blog Lorelei Web Design

Online betting

Online betting has been around pretty much since the inception of the internet. Ever since we’ve been able to get online we’ve been able to find online betting sites. Despite the fact, they were pretty sparse they were still there giving us the chance to stake some cash in the hope of financial gain.

The early betting sites were extremely simple and a far cry away from what we know them to be today. There were no colourful graphics or flashy interactive banners to alert you of offer and changes to your account; but nonetheless they were there performing the role that they were set up to perform.

Nowadays, mobile is essential for online gambling. For those who want to use a Grand National betting offer, or back their favourite football team – there’s no better place to do it than on the ever-improving bookmaker’s apps.

Mobile betting and gaming

Believe it or not, the game Snake played a huge role in the evolution of mobile betting. The simple processes that created Snake were also the same simple processes that allowed developers to create the early platforms that originally allowed us to bet via mobile.

Over the years there has been a distinct correlation between the development of mobile games and the development of mobile betting. The two industries and platforms go hand in hand, with mobile betting continually taking a leaf of gaming’s book in a bid to improve.


Betting on mobile – how has technology evolved in this area? - Blog Lorelei Web Design

The iPhone’s impact on mobile gaming

The iPhone was the first phone that gave app developers complete freedom as it had a touch screen that filled one whole side of the device. The apps that they were able to create offered a fantastic level of functionality and were very user friendly.

Sports betting apps were actually some of the first that were created and officially rolled out to the wider community. The creation and release of the iPhone was no doubt a major breakthrough for mobile betting.

The importance of mobile betting in 2017

With nearly 50% of all internet usage now taking part on mobile devices in 2017 it would be unconceivable for a major betting company to not provide their users with a mobile app. These apps are among the most regularly downloaded in the app stores (both Android and Apple. They give us the platforms we use to not only bet on our favourite sporting events, but also to play virtual casino games such as blackjack and roulette.

The mobile betting industry is huge, and its growth will only continue in the future.