Are you looking for a new component to add to your website or marketing strategy that will reach people in a distinctive way? It might be time to consider adding an animation video, which is something startups and even large companies are increasingly using in their marketing.

An animation is much what it sounds like. It’s an animated video element that’s used for branding, advertising, and marketing, and to leave an impactful impression on viewers.

If you’re on the fence as to whether or not animation is right for your company’s marketing, consider the following advantages.

They Can Tell a Story

Whether you’re a startup or you’re an established company looking to breathe new life into your brand, using animation can be a powerful approach. When you use an animation video, you have complete creative control over the messaging of the story, so you can easily have it crafted to reflect not only the general brand image of your company but also the story you want your brand to tell.

There’s so much creativity and room for customization and creative license in the creation of animation videos.

SEO Value

If you want your website to rank better in search engines, think about adding animation as another element to your site design.

Search engines favor site designs that include videos, and if you have videos you’re also more likely to gain backlinks, so consider animation if for no other reason than to push you higher when people are using search engines.


When you’re building a brand, simplicity is key. You want a broad set of people to be able to understand who you are and what you are. Animations offer an excellent opportunity to provide simple, easy-to-understand explanations.

They can be used to give a general explanation of your company and its offerings, or to explain the specifics of how to use one of your products.

They provide a breakdown of what your customers need to know, in one of the simplest formats available, by showing rather than just telling.

If you’re trying to convey otherwise boring or bland information, animations can also give it a bit of pizazz and make it more universally appealing.


Messaging Across Languages

If you want to expand your brand to a global market, it can be challenging because of language and cultural barriers. With animations, you can break through these obstacles and create visual elements that are more likely to be understood by a broader audience.

Many animations are so clear-cut and easy to comprehend that they don’t need any words at all.


As a final note as to the advantages of animations, they’re relatively budget-friendly to add to your overall website design. They can be customized for what’s often a much smaller fee than it would cost to create live videos or commercials, and you’re going to get just as much value, if not more from them in many cases.

Plus, animations can easily be changed and altered over time with minimal investments of time or money, as opposed to live action videos.