Graphic designers use visual and written content to communicate a message. We all know how powerful a logo can be for communicating a brand’s identity, but the ways in which graphic design can be used is much broader than that. 

In fact, there are many different types of graphic design across several different types of media. You’ll find the influence of graphic design everywhere from websites to product packaging, publications and even on buildings. 

Check out the 8 types of graphic design below for inspiration about how graphic design can take your business to the next level.

1. Visual Identity / Branding

Branding is what helps people form an understanding of what your business is, why it exists and what values it holds. 

A huge part of that is your visual identity – how your brand looks. This includes colour palettes, logos, fonts, the types of images you use and a whole range of other stylistic choices. 

7 Types of Graphic Design - Blog Lorelei Web Design

Visual identity graphic designers help breathe life into your brand story. With one glance, potential customers should get a feel for who you are and what you do.

Graphic designers may create a range of assets, such as logos, colour palettes and image libraries, that effectively communicate your brand to an audience. 

They often work closely with the branding team to ensure you’re delivering a consistent and robust brand story across all your online and offline channels.

2. Marketing and Advertising Design

Effective marketing should grab people’s attention while staying true to your brand story. 

Marketing designers are responsible for coming up with and executing concepts that hit the spot with the right audience.

They may work with business owners on print advertising such as flyers, posters and brochures as well as paid promotions through online platforms like Facebook Ads or Google Shopping. 

Marketing designers may work on their own as a freelancer or in a wider team of copywriters, digital marketing experts and creative directors. 

3. User Interface Graphic Design

What experience do customers have when they visit your website, download your app or browse your online store?

User Interface (UI) graphic designers make sure that the visual experience someone has when they interact with your brand is a good one. That means making things user-friendly, easy to navigate and attractive.

UI designers know how to find the balance between functionality and aesthetics. 

They usually work in a team of user experience (UX) designers who decide how the website or app works and developers who write the code to make it happen.

4. Packaging Design

If your business sells products, the packaging is a great way to communicate your brand message to customers. Packaging is so much more than a way to hold your product. Done right, it should create a sensory experience for customers.

Packaging designers come up with concepts for packaging that are attractive, aligned with your brand story and targeted to the right audience. 

7 Types of Graphic Design - Blog Lorelei Web Design

Whether its a sleeve for a coffee cup, a label for a bottle of wine or a box for shoes – package designers know how to work with a wide range of product types and package materials to deliver an engaging message.

Good packaging can also entice new customers to try out your product. As highly visual people, we will often choose a product based on its appearance when compared to competitor products.

5. Editorial / Publication Design

Graphic design for print is one of the more traditional forms of graphic design, but demand for it is still alive and well.

Editorial designers create attractive, user-friendly designs for publications such as magazines, ebooks, newspapers etc. They usually work closely with editors and publishers to achieve a particular effect. 

Businesses may employ an editorial graphic designer if they regularly produce content such as ebooks, lookbooks or newsletters. Having sophisticated design for these assets can help improve customer experience and brand consistency.

6. Environmental Design

Environmental graphic designers focus on the visual experience someone has when entering a physical space. They may work closely with interior designers or architects to help execute a particular vision.

Businesses may benefit from environmental graphic design in many ways. For example, using signage and murals in an office can help visitors have a memorable experience from the moment they enter.

Modern cafes and restaurants may use environmental design to create ‘Instagrammable’ areas to attract more young people through their doors.

7. Motion Graphic Design

Video content is becoming increasingly popular across different online channels because of its ability to capture and hold attention for longer.

It’s no surprise then that more and more businesses are now relying on motion graphic designers to help create engaging content that effectively communicates their brand story.

Motion graphics include things like animated logos, title sequences and GIFs. Motion graphics might also be used for longer form content like educational videos and advertisements.

Investing in Graphic Design to grow your business

Graphic design is often reduced to a narrow definition which involves little more than logos and business cards. But the truth is, graphic design is used in a huge variety of ways to communicate messages in a clear and engaging way. 

Whether you need help developing a visual identity for your brand or you want to make sure every website visitor has a great experience, hiring a graphic design agency in Perth will help you grow your business in the direction you want it to go.