The mobile app marketing industry is constantly evolving, making keeping up with it extremely difficult.

Due to the rapid development of technology and the ease at which apps can be created, strategies that were revolutionary a few years ago have become void in 2019.

This can make understanding what you should and shouldn’t do following the launch of an app extremely difficult.

Even if you think you have the strategies in place to effectively market your app this year, there are going to be things that you don’t know.

Here are just 6 things you may not know about mobile app marketing in 2019.

You Must Have A Clear Visual Brand

With thousands of new apps hitting the app store every week in 2019, you need to be extremely forward thinking when it comes to your brand’s visual appearance.

It’s actually been proven that you only have an average of 8 seconds to grab the attention of an online user, so your brand’s visual appearance is crucial.

If you aren’t using powerful colours and an attractive logo that clearly emulates what your app is about, you aren’t going to gather much interest from your target audience.

Contrasting colours work well here because they’re eye catching, and are therefore more likely to attract someone’s attention, as opposed to colours that complement each other and don’t make anything stand out.

Free Apps With In-App Purchases Are Best

Less than 4% of the app market is thought to contain paid-for apps, with the number expected to fall further in 2019.

This is generally because users are weary of paying for an app where it’s difficult to understand the perceived value on their life in advance.

By offering your basic app completely free, you give people an opportunity to test how much difference the app makes on their life.

This marketing tactic is also extremely effective when it comes to marketing your app, as it allows you to offer extras that the user is more inclined to buy as they already thoroughly understand the use your app brings to their life.

You want to make sure that these extras are actually beneficial, as if you start charging for things a client isn’t interested in, you may find people abandoning your app because they feel as though you don’t understand your app or their needs effectively.

If you can’t think of things you could offer as additional extras to monetize your app, using advertisements that pop up occasionally can also be useful in retaining money for the efforts that went into the creation of said app.

Understanding The Purpose Of Your App Is Essential

The easiest way to create an app that dies before its launch is to create one that doesn’t have a clear, specific purpose.

You need to look at your target audience and the niche you are going to target, and think about how your app them.

What is your unique selling point? Essentially, why should people use your app instead of that of your competitors?

This process isn’t always easy to understand, but it’s essential for marketing because you must know the ins and outs of your business.

Utilising social media and professional networking sites like LinkedIn to remain updated on the latest news within your niche is a great way of staying up to date and working out how your app solves the problems of those within your community.

Marketing Your Mobile App Should Revolve Around Your App’s Purpose

The easiest way to gain and retain clients is to make sure that they are being constantly reminded of your app’s purpose.

This will help current users understand the solution you have to the problem they were having before they downloaded your app, which may convince them to start using the app regularly again if the problem has reoccurred.

In new customers, this can help them to understand the value of the app before downloading it, which will increase the amount of people who do so.

And don’t assume that a customer will get the purpose of an app. Rather, use data analytics to ensure people really ‘get’ your product. In a world in which data driven marketing currently allows for deep insights into the behavior of your users, their preferences and engagement levels with the app, you must invest in a robust analytics strategy for your app.

Influencers Are Essential – But Quality Matters Over Quantity

In previous years, mobile app marketing strategies have largely focused on getting as many influencers to promote their app as possible, but things are changing.

In 2019, the focus is far more on dedicating funds to find the right influencer, as opposed to many general, lifestyle influencers.

A lot of companies are beginning to understand that engagement is much more beneficial and leads to higher retention rates than people with lots of followers but no engagements.

This will, in turn, mean that many companies are going to see-and, indeed, already are-seeing greater results from their influencer marketing efforts than they have in previous years. Check out these influencer marketing infographics for more details on how influencers can help with your brand strategy in 2019.

Referral Programs Are Highly Successful

The digital age means we have left many traditional marketing methods behind, but word of mouth is still an extremely effective method for customer acquisition.

In fact, 77% of people are more likely to buy a product when they learn about it from their friends and family.

While you might not want this to be the main marketing strategy you rely on, taking the time to create a robust referral program will prove to be worth the effort in the months and years after your launch.


As the mobile app marketing industry continues to develop, we will continuously see changes that alter the way we market our apps in future.

Just a year or two ago, people would’ve turned their noses up at some of the things mentioned in this article, but now they’re some of the most effective methods for effectively marketing your app out there. Not sure how to go about marketing your mobile app? Check out this list of Chicago creative agencies companies that can help you out in your quest for marketing success this year. Also, if you are looking for Chicago cleaning services, check them out as well.

In some cases, like that of the influencer, mobile app marketing companies are simply beginning to understand the internet and sales psychology better, which allows them to have higher acquisition and retention rates.