If you have an e-commerce business, then your conversion rate is something you’re always focusing on. Sometimes though, this metric can be stubbornly difficult to change. 

Your business needs to make sales though, so it’s time to take action to boost your conversion rate, and these five tips can help. 

Focus on the User Experience 

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As website owners, we focus on so many different things, SEO, conversion rates, lead captures, the list goes on, but sometimes we forget about the most basic element – user experience. 

If you’ve got a good user experience, then it sets the basis for everything else to go well. When people enjoy interacting with your site, they’re going to stick around for longer, and they’re more likely to buy. 

If your website is riddled with user experience errors, then people are going to leave. 

Create Multiple Touchpoints 

Someone can enjoy your website, be interested in your product, even add it to their basket, and then leave and never come back. In fact, this happens all too often. 

Most sales don’t happen on someone’s first interaction with a brand, instead, it takes multiple touchpoints with a customer to create a sale. One of the ways you can take control of this is by improving your landing pages so that you get people’s contact details.

This way, you can use software such as Tatango to automate aspects of your marketing and build touchpoints with your audience. 

Shipping Policies 

5 Tips to Boost Your E-Commerce Conversion Rate - Blog Lorelei Web Design

Whenever someone buys something, they weigh up whether or not the price reflects the value of the product and whether they’re willing to pay for it. If your shipping policies aren’t clear at the point where people decide to buy your product, then the equation suddenly changes when people find out the cost of shipping. 

Someone’s made a commitment to buying, but they’re now re-evaluating because new information has been introduced, and this isn’t good for your conversions.

Visible Support 

It’s common for people to have questions when they’re buying something new. 

When you buy something in a physical store, you get to the feel of the product in your hands, and there’s always a salesperson to talk to. However, when you’re buying something online, it can often feel like you’re all alone. 

You might not be able to give someone the same experience as when they shop in store, but you can still give them good support. Chatbots are a great tool you can use to answer people’s most common questions, and if they need further information, then make yourself available. 

Reduce Barriers to a Sale 

If you’re undecided on whether or not to buy something, then all it takes is a small thing to change your mind. Those small things (barriers) can appear all over your site. 

From unresponsive buttons, to long forms on your checkout page, small details can cause people to abandon their carts, so make sure you’re eliminating these barriers to a sale. 

Follow these tips and you should see your revenue tick up.