SSL security is more accessible than ever these days. A few years ago, implementing SSL security means spending a lot of money to get a valid certificate. Today, programs such as Let’s Encrypt allows site owners to secure their websites for free or a small fee, without eliminating the option to go for premium certificates with more information.

Even when you are running a personal blog using WordPress, an SSL certificate brings a lot of benefits. There are 5 top benefits of using an SSL certificate that you don’t want to miss.


First and foremost, a valid SSL certificate brings a nice boost in credibility to your site. You will see a padlock icon to the left (or right) of the browser’s address bar when a valid SSL certificate is implemented properly. When clicked, the icon reveals more information about the site’s security and details.

Certain types of certificates can also display information about the site’s owner or the company behind it. For websites such as online stores, these extra details are very valuable. They can make all the difference between customers completing their purchases and dropping their carts.

Independent auditors that issue premium SSL certificates will also supply your site with a badge of authenticity. You see badges from Verisign or DigiCert on some of the best websites. With or without the badge, SSL certificate is a clear sign of trustworthiness online.

Secure Data Transfers

SSL certificate isn’t just about proving the site’s identity. It is also about protecting data transmission to and from the server. All information streamed will be encrypted once the SSL certificate is installed properly. Only the server with a valid certificate can receive data transmissions from users.

There is no doubt that SSL security can help prevent information theft, especially on websites that require their users to enter personal information. Sign-up forms or other user input forms tend to have higher engagement rates when the page is secured with a valid SSL certificate.

The use of SSL certificate is even more important to online businesses, since their checkout page captures sensitive information such as address and phone number. Visitors want their personal details protected and will only settle for online stores that implement good SSL certificate.

SEO Benefits

It is worth noting that search engines, with Google leading the way, are now taking internet security far more seriously. They started prioritizing websites that use SSL security when displaying search results, even when the sites are personal blogs or static websites. Online security is a hot topic and search engines’ move to support a more secured World Wide Web is a step towards the right direction.

If you’ve been struggling to crack Google’s first page on select keywords, adding an SSL certificate – and taking active steps to improve your site’s overall security – could just be what you need to gain that extra advantage. Since SSL certificate can now be added to affordable hosting plans, there is no reason not to protect your site with one today.

Easy User Retention

The presence of a green padlock icon – signalling a secured connection – is one of the many reasons why users are willing to sign up for an account. In today’s competitive internet landscape, user signups are among the most valuable forms of user engagement a site can pursue. Once they have sign up, you can send them updates, special offers, and other contents.

Having an account also means users are more likely to check back for more contents, producing a much higher user retention rate altogether. It is easy to convince users to register when you have tons of contents to deliver and a well-secured website to deliver them.
More Sales

We’ve mentioned a few ways an SSL certificate can help online stores attract and convert more users. Allow me to be the one to tell you that the impact of SSL certificate on sales is as direct as it can get. At one point, online stores that implement good SSL security have up to 300% more sales than those who don’t use SSL.

The extra credibility and sense of security are indeed appreciated by the customers. In the old days, smaller online stores tend to lean on the payment processing company’s SSL certificate as part of the checkout process. This meant directing customers off the site to make their payments. Today, with SSL certificates being more accessible than ever, everything can be done on-site.

These are the 5 major benefits of using SSL certificate on your site. Google is aiming to secure 70% of the internet by the end of 2020, so it won’t be long before sites that aren’t using proper SSL security to start missing out. Find a good certificate according to the needs of your websites and get SSL security implemented on your server today to enjoy these competitive advantages.