We all want to sell more, right? The bigger and better your email list, the more opportunities you have to succeed.

Email marketing yields massively impressively returns. For every dollar invested, the average return is $38. Or to put it another way, an ROI of 3800%.

So, you know you need to collect email addresses, but where do you start? Read on to discover 4 key strategies you can follow to create a winning email list.

#1 Use an email sign up form – if you don’t ask, you don’t get

A fundamental method to grow your email list is by using an email sign up form on your website.

Standard forms are a good place to start, normally placed at the bottom of the screen.

More dynamic options are non-obtrusive sticky signup forms, with the benefit of always being visible, or pop-up forms set to appear at certain times, such as this humorous example from the brand Lush:


#2 Draw your leads in, with a lead magnet

You need to entice your potential customers with an asset they will be eager to get their hands on, in return for their email address of course.

Your web visitor should be prepared to subscribe and provide their email address, in exchange for the particular resource you’re offering. This is what we call a lead magnet.

Put some thought into how your lead magnet will correlate with your particular ecommerce store. You will find very few people are hooked in, if the free resource you offer is in no way relevant to the products that you sell.

#3 Run a campaign to give away a freebie

There is no such thing as a free lunch, so the saying goes. But if you run an offer to give something away for free, you will soon find that your potential customers are more than happy to hand over their email address for free too.

Do bear in mind, you want the leads obtained from running such a campaign to be well qualified.

What I mean by this is, give something away that your ideal profile lead would be interested to receive (like with your lead magnet), and something closely related to what you sell.

The ecommerce store Traveler Guitar used this technique:

traveler guitar

You could even give away a highly popular product that you are already selling on your ecommerce store. If you are stuck for inspiration, sign up for your

#4 Bring in the experts, and bring it all together

An expert email marketing provider that is a good fit for your ecommerce business can bring everything that we have discussed together.

This will be a crucial decision for the long-term success of your ecommerce store.

There are many ecommerce email marketing tools out there, but whoever you choose, there are some essentials to check for.

You need a provider that can deploy various signup forms for you, with the ability to then segment those signups across different subscriber lists. This will allow for a sniper specific approach to your messaging.

Also, look for the capability to send automated messages to specific lists that have been segmented based on particular behaviors or interactions with your brand.

Taking action with your email list

Once you have obtained those crucial contacts, you need to take action. It is no use having hoards of people on your email list, if you don’t push some buttons and set your email marketing wheels in motion.

Think about welcome emails after your lead subscribes, and how you might use automation to send your messages at the ideal time.

Consider what relevant and useful content you are going to send out, and when is the best time to send it in order to keep your new potential customers engaged.

Remember, the ultimate objective is to move your web visitors along the line of your buying process.

When you take considered and clever action with the data that you possess, you will reap the rewards of building a high-quality email list.