Large companies like Google and Apple are the first ones to come to mind when you think of tech startups. However, these companies did not start as big as they are now, and in fact, many of them started in garages. Also, you do not have to grow to the size of these businesses as you can run a very successful home-based tech startup. There is a wide variety to choose from, but we are going to look at those you can start small and scale up.

IT Support

Many businesses now have some sort of IT infrastructure in place. Small businesses that do and that typically cannot afford to hire full-time IT professionals provide opportunities for those with an IT background and skills to provide these services. You could provide outsourced IT services like VPN setups, data backup and recovery, security monitoring, and more. You only need the skills and to know which tools to use to give your clients the best service.

Web Design

Many businesses have realized the power of having a website. However, a significant portion do not have in-house web developers to create the websites they require. Additionally, businesses find hiring freelancers for one-time projects to be much cheaper than hiring in-house developers for the long term.

For these reasons, web designers and developers are in very high demand. You can start by learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript which will help you create beautiful websites. You can then learn how to set up and deploy these websites, including backend services that make them more functional.

If you do not have these skills, there are numerous online resources from which you can learn. You only need a computer, a desire to learn, and a reliable internet connection which will come in handy when you start looking for clients. Reliable internet service providers in Lake St. Louis like Gateway Fiber provide reliable internet services for learning and running a business from home.

App and Software Development

Just like websites, many businesses are realizing the need for a business app. Some of them need it to complement their website while some want apps that can make them money. This means there is also huge demand for app and software developers, especially those who develop business apps and software solutions. As with web development, you can learn everything you need to start developing apps and software online. 

IT Consultants

Sometimes the people providing IT support services also provide IT consultation services. IT consultants are the people businesses refer to when they need an answer to a question or some advice. For example, a business might want to know the benefits of using a specific technology or solution over another one.

You need an IT background, knowledge of the tech landscape, and to also stay up to date on what is happening in the industry to be a reliable IT consultant.

The above are in-demand IT services that you can use to build a tech startup. You can find the skills and information you need to get started, but you need to be willing to learn as there is a lot you need to know now and when your business takes off.