While individual users have moved on and have started using payment wallets and online banking, businesses in America still rely on paper checks. If you are a business owner, you already know the many conveniences of using checks.

Right from stopping payments to post-dating them, there are more than a few features that business owners and finance managers have grown used to. Checks are also a much quicker option when you have to make hundreds of payments to different vendors, all the while keeping a track of individual payments. Companies place online Quickbooks checks order to source checks that are compatible with Quickbooks software. These checks can not only be printed quickly but they are integrated into the company’s accounting ecosystem. This basically means, a record of each printed check is automatically maintained and is attached to invoices and orders for which the payment is for. Once the checks are printed in bulk, they can be packed inside window envelopes and overnighted to their destination. The system is so streamlined that printing and getting the mail ready for pickup takes less than a few minutes.

The only drawback of check payments, as reported by many businesses, is the expense of buying the checks. A lot of businesses still make the mistake of buying business checks from their respective banks. Following are a few reasons why you should never order checks from banks.

Banks Do Not Print Checks: Most people think that when they order checks from the bank, the check pages are printed by bank executives and sent to them via mail. Unfortunately, banks do not print the checks themselves. They outsource the check printing job to third-party printers who have the necessary setup. With them not printing the checks themselves, they have little control over the delivery time and the price.

Banks Overcharge: When you buy checks from the bank you end up paying for the profit cuts of both the bank and the third-party printing firm.  While you may be paying only a few cents more for each check, the cost of the checks soon adds up, especially if your business operation requires you to issue a lot of checks.

Delayed Delivery Process: Banks usually take about a week to deliver a new checkbook. If you are someone who ran out of check pages, this can mean halting important payments and thus stalling businesses operations. Thankfully, there is an alternative. If you decide to skip the bank and order directly from third-party printing firms, you can get your checks delivered the very next day. There are more than few check printing companies out there that quickly print check orders and send them out via overnight mail.

Fewer Check Options: Apart from the usual business check and personal check, banks usually offer only a few check products. For example, if you are looking for checks that are compatible with Quickbooks you need to order Quickbooks checks from third-party sites. Some banks also don’t offer specialized check products such as payroll checks and blank check paper.