If you have been running Instagram for a while, you might have noticed that getting new followers is not as easy as it may have seemed initially. Producing quality content, taking gorgeous photos and writing interesting pieces of text under each post just doesn’t cut it anymore. You may have noticed that despite all your efforts, the number of likes and new followers doesn’t grow as rapidly as you have expected, and at some point – it may look like all the time you have invested in your profile – was wasted.

In today’s world, becoming an influencer is, on the one hand – so simple, yet the competition is so tough that it may sometimes feel impossible. Gone are the days when following Instagram’s guidelines and algorithm, and posting interesting photos, was sufficient. Now, it’s a number’s game. We follow people who already have millions of followers and disregard bloggers who only have a few, even if their content is good. We were conditioned to think that social approval lays in the number of engagements (and to a certain degree – rightly so). This may come across as good news for those who already have millions of followers, yet will certainly be bad news for those of you who seem to be unable to lift your profile off the ground.

So, what can you do, to take your Instagram game to a whole new level?

In this blog post, we will discuss popular and bullet-proof methods that all influencers use (but rarely talk about), which will help you win followers a lot faster.

1 – Use a Instagram Growth Service

As cheesy as it may sound, the fastest wat to get more instagram followers [end link] is through using an Instagram growth service. Forget tempting offers like “buy 10000 followers for $10”, these will only get you banned and blacklisted. There is nothing like real, organic yet perfectly targeted advertising, which helps you gain real followers, who will engage with your content and follow you. There are so many services online who offer professional Instagram promotion without spamming, so why not pay a few extra dollars and leave it to those who have experience in this field?

2 – Tagging

We all have heard about tagging and you may already know that Instagram allows up to 30 tags per post. If you add more, Instagram may flag your post as spam, so it’s crucial to keep your number of hashtags under 30, preferably even under 20. When it comes to hashtags, “the more, the better” adage – doesn’t work. Your goal is to choose high-quality tags, that are extremely targeted to your audience and are not overly busy. Take an hour to brainstorm the hashtags you will be using under various types of Instagram posts, so that you can continually target the right readers without spamming.

3 – Commenting

You might think about commenting as a classical spammy move. If you have ever had a WordPress blog, by now you must have gotten allergic to the hundreds of bots that post spam comments on a daily basis. But we are not talking about spam, we are talking about real interaction. All you need to do is go through the hashtags you have selected for your Instagram posts and check other members of the community. If you see an interesting post that has under 10 comments (or only a few “likes”) – just leave a comment, but nothing generic or cheesy, try and leave a sincere comment that corresponds to the contents of the photo. In the vast majority of cases, if that person doesn’t get feedback very often, they will head over to your profile and check it out. Of course, your profile should already have enough compelling content to make people *want* to follow you. This is probably the most reliable and easy way to connect with people who are in the same niche as you are.

I’d recommend setting aside 30 minutes a day for the commenting process. If you continuously target the same hashtags, this shouldn’t be a problem and the process will become automatic in a matter of days. However, as I have already mentioned, it’s useless to leave comments or likes under entries that have hundreds of likes or comments. Popular bloggers who get high volume of comments daily, either don’t read them all or don’t check the commenter’s profiles anymore.

These are probably very basic tips, but they will prove to be extremely useful if you commit to following them. Leaving comments may not make you popular overnight, but it will help you to build your base gradually but steadily. Tagging your posts with the right hashtags will ensure that the “right” audience will see your posts and your efforts will not be wasted. And lastly, since there are so many factors that influence your popularity on Instagram, and it’s sometimes hard to keep track of them all, you can always just use a paid service, that will kickstart your Instagram business and help you get started.  Good luck!