What’s required of a webpage has changed a lot over the course of the past few years. We have an increase in mobile web traffic to thank for that. Whereas it used to be enough to have a homepage that looked great on a laptop display, that just won’t cut it anymore. If you’ve been working under the misapprehension that the majority of your visitors are sat behind a computer screen, we’re afraid we have some bad news for you. Mobile browsing overtook desktop browsing four whole years ago. If you’ve been working on a ‘desktop first’ policy, you’re close to being five years behind the times.  

It’s never too late to change your ways, though. If you’ve been wondering why your beautiful website isn’t attracting the traffic you hoped it would- regardless of how much advertising money you’re spending on it – a change in focus to making sure it looks great on a mobile phone display could be just what you need when it comes to unlocking your site’s potential. Plenty of big companies have made the mistake of waiting too long to optimize their sites for mobile users, but have since got themselves back on track with a few basic amendments. 

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For inspiration, we’re going to take a look at the way that online casinos design their sites for mobile users. Specifically, we’re going to look at the standard design of a mobile slots website. Why mobile slots? Because it’s one of the most competitive fields of mobile web design out there. There are hundreds of mobile slots websites such as AmigoSlots.com, offering thousands of different mobile slots games. If players don’t immediately find what they’re looking for when they log on, they’ll go elsewhere and take their money with them. That makes mobile slots sites close to the forefront of mobile browsing optimization, and they’re the standard we should all aspire to when it comes to execution. Speaking of immediately finding what we’re looking for….

  1. Immediacy

Open up any mobile slots website in your chosen mobile browser, and the first thing you’ll see is a list of mobile slots, just a click away. They don’t waste any time in describing what their site is, or what their site does. The majority of mobile slots websites operate on a ‘two tap’ policy; one’ tap’ on the touchscreen to enter the site, and another to start playing. The more obstacles there are between a visitor and the content they want to interact with, the less inclined they’ll be to proceed through those obstacles. Your website has a purpose (and if it doesn’t, that’s a whole new design nightmare). If you know what your visitors are there to do, make sure the ability to do so is right there in front of them the moment they make a connection with you. 

  1. The Hook

What makes your site ‘the one’ as opposed to any of your competitors? Why should a casual browser stay with you and spend their money with you instead of continuing to browse and go elsewhere? It probably has something to do with the quality of your products, or the superiority of your pricing. There’s just enough room on your homepage to include a ‘headline’ as well as your logo, and the products or services you want your visitors to interact with. Explain, in one sentence, why your user should stay where they are. The headline style you should be going for here is something akin to clickbait – a ‘call to action’ that compels the user to click – and mobile slots websites excel at it. All of them have one, and so should you. 

  1. The Offer

If you’ve followed the first two steps properly, your visitors should have immediate access to your products or services, and a headline to read to persuade them that you’re worthy of closer inspection. Now you need to draw them in. Mobile slots lead the way with this once again. You’ll never click on a mobile slots website without seeing an offer for free spins, discounted spins, enhanced cash prizes or some other incentive. You or your business almost certainly offer something to new customers, or even returning customers. If you run periodic offers on products or services, for example seasonal discounts, whatever you currently have running should be at the forefront of your homepage. This should be the sort of deal they can’t get elsewhere, and it should be a tap of the screen away. 

  1. Zero Loading Time

5G might change this, but right now it takes longer to load a webpage on a mobile phone than it does on a laptop or desktop (unless your user is on Wifi). Also, it might be costing your potential customer money to download data from your homepage. They won’t thank you if they chew through their data allowance waiting for your homepage to load. Homepages which are optimized for mobile phone browsers should be clean and simple. You can use graphics, but stay clear of videos, and don’t use huge high-resolution photos. Just a simple background color is preferable to a background image because it means less loading time. The sooner a page is loaded, the sooner a user can interact with it. Mobile slots websites want their users to be able to do this straight away, and so they don’t keep people waiting. Take a stylish-but-minimalistic approach. 

  1. The Menu Button

Even for the most dexterous of us, it’s not as easy to click on something with our fingers as it is with a mouse. Asking your customers to precisely point at links with their index finger to open them is rude. We all know the irritation of accidentally opening a link other than the one we wanted to look at because the screen didn’t interpret our finger-press properly, so don’t inflict that annoyance on your customers! It’s 2019. Everybody now recognized the three-barred menu button, and you’ll see it in use on any quality mobile slots website you visit. This should be the only point of access to any other pages you host, and it should be large enough to ‘tap’ on easily. When it’s pressed, an overlap should open up containing your site map. Don’t just have a sidebar or a bar across the top with links that people have to zoom in on to click – it’s a hopelessly outdated style of presentation. A nice clean menu button means less clutter – and the less clutter there is, the easier a time mobile browsers will have when they’re on your website! 

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