On popular demand we are finally releasing a huge and most comprehensive bundle of 108 photoshop actions we have made over the past 5 years. You might be familiar with our other actions selling on other websites, but this bundle offers absolutely exclusive Photoshop actions you won’t find anywhere else, beside LoreleiWebDesign.com.

You will get 108 absolutely stunning Photoshop Actions, which can do so much in just 1 click…


here are some examples of what it can do to YOUR photos… No photoshop skills needed!



[box type=”shadow”]

30 Days Money Back Guarantee!

I know these actions are awesome, and when you will process just a few photos and see the results for yourself, I am very confident that you will not regret your purchase. However, if for whatever reason you feel let down by the download, please contact me within 30 days and you will receive a full refund. No questions asked. So, you can purchase with confidence!


Download Our Massive Bundle of 108 Photoshop Actions!

  1. I don’t mean to be rude, but, where is there a ”freebie’? Your own tags show this set of actions as free. It isn’t free. I get taken to PayPal for $15.00. I don’t have that. I came here because it says ‘freebie’. You do understand that you got me here, via Guru’s Unleashed, with a tag which is erroneous. Now, I’ve spent almost 10 minutes figuring out this isn’t free at all. Sorry, but, that’s just not right.


  2. Hi,

    I am not sure what exactly is “guru unleashed” and I am sorry if you were mislead in any way, it actually doesn’t say anywhere the actions are free, it does say they are discounted. however I see now the post was tagged (by error, like all other downloads) and thanks for pointing out at it. I’d not want to lose a loyal reader, so I just emailed you something 😉

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