A few weeks ago I stumbled across a wordpress shortcodes plugin and decided to write a review about it because this was the first wordpress plugin that has actually impressed me. Even though I have been in the “WordPress industry” for some time now, I often seen shortcodes plugins, (free and paid) that offer a few service boxes, and maybe buttons and a slider, but nothing impressive. This one is a new-generation plugin, with thousands (yes, thousands!) of service boxes, thousands of button variations available, image shadows, tooltips, pricing table, accordion, video tooltips, jQuery horizontal tabs, jQuery vertical tabs, jQuery accordion, stylish quotes, jQuery info boxes, CSS3 tooltips, CSS3 frames, CSS3 buttons, custom unordered lists, layout columns, highlighters, dropcaps and more..


Cost: $19 – Personal License or $59 Developer License (for 1 client). If you wish to inbuild the plugin into your theme and offer it for sale on one of the big sites like WPmarket.net or ThemeForest.net you need to contact the author of LizaTom.com for a custom quote.


  1. LizaTom Shortcodes plugin, despite having a trillion of options and images, is very lightweight (500kb installation file) which allows you to upload it directly using the wordpress interface, without connecting to FTP client
  2. Cheap as hell. Well crappier plugins are selling for about the same price on CodeCanyon and other places, here — for your $19 you get the best plugin in the industry PLUS a few other totally professional plugins and beautiful wordpress themes that come included in your membership. The membership duration is one year (you can renew or cancel at any time) during which you will get access to all the upcoming themes and plugins that LizaTom.com is planning to release. On average there is 1-2 items added per month so you can’t go wrong with this price.
  3. Flexible like never-before. With 2000+ service boxes, almost endless button variations (color, size, icons) and plenty of other features you will never need any other plugin.
  4. Bonuses. While you might, at first glace, think that the other plugins and theme are just a bonus, if you look closer you will see that these are high quality theme that quickly became topsellers on WPmarket.net.
  5. Free updates and support are included with each membership.
  6. Easy to use. I personally hate the kind of plugins that look awesome but when you download and install them, you have no clue how to get started, or worse – the shortcodes plugins that you need to know the exact command and hardcode them in the body of your post. LizaTom Shortcodes plugin takes care of everything for you, just select the shortcodes you want from an easy to use drop down menu and the code will be generated for you in less than a second.
  7. Pricing Table. If you ever used shortcodes plugins before (or even premium wordpress themes) you would know that a good pricing table is hard to come by. LizaTom Shortcodes plugin offers a CSS3 highly customizable pricing table that looks absolutely professional yet not overly web 2.0, so you will have no problem fitting it into any design.
  8. Won’t clash with other shortcodes plugins. If you have any inbuilt in your current theme.


  1. None that I found after using the plugin for 2 weeks on several websites and testing it on 3 different wordpress themes.
[button link=”http://lizatom.com/members/aff/go?r=25&i=13″ type=”big” color=”green” newwindow=”yes”] Download LizaTom Shortcodes Plugin[/button]

This is the upcoming star of the wordpress industry. Take my word on that! Here are some more screenshots:



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