Ultra Glossy Liquid Metal Text Effect

Now the more trickier parts begin when we start adjusting the Bevel and Emboss settings as this is pretty much what makes our effect look so great. First apply the basic bevel and emboss settings as you see below

We will be using the “Wow Chrome” curve, please see below how to construct it on your own. It’s a little complicated to create one yourself so if you have it pre-installed in Photoshop — will save you  a lot of work.

Inside the Bevel and Emboss settings, there is  a sub-menu, where you can set settings for Contour and texture. In this effect we will employ both to create a really rich and unique effect. First the Contour settings, using Cove-Deep contour with 50% range..

And this is how you make the Cove Deep contour…

Move down to the Texture settings inside your Bevel and Emboss menu, and use any web 2.0 strip pattern as an overlay. If you download the PSD file, the pattern will come included in the Texture Patterns so you won’t need to add anything, however if you won’t download the psd and don’t have any pattern of that kind, either replace it with any other you have and experiment with different results. I played around with other textures and must say that for these Layer Style settings pretty much any texture will look cool!

Overlay the color of your letters with dark gray #4a4a4a color.

Finally, to give our text effect a more neat effect we are going to Stroke this text with a 1 pixel white line, however, when i just added the white line around the text i felt that it’s too sharp and looks a little irritating so I have reduced the opacity to 76%, which i think made the Stroke effect look neat and less dominating.

And, here is what we have got. You see, since our letters were too close to each other, the effects we have created nicely “glue” the letters together.

You can also apply this effect with a hand written text, it will look even better! (here is an example with “Mistral” font). Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and feel free to download the psd so you will have better and faster way to learn and play around with these effects. If you do download the source files, please remember to click the “return to merchant’s website” after the purchase, in order to start the download instantly!

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