As you could see, for the Shading we used a custom design curve, which we developed especially for this tutorial. Click on the Gloss Contour icon and try to replicate the mapping as you see below. This could be a little tricky, so if you are stuck, when you download our PSD this will come ready and you will only need to save this one to your custom curves for future usage.

Inside the Bevel and emboss settings, you have an option called “Texture”. Select one of the default, pre-installed patterns called “Weave 5” and apply with Depth  and Scale as you see below.

Please pay attention to the Depth here. The less you set it to, the less texture coming from the top you will see, so in our case, we use this Photoshop texture to create the illusion of fading snow and you can play around with setting it to even less than 4, to see how you cover just the top of it.

And now, Satin settings:

Gradient is going to be from dark hue of baby-blue shade #6ed3fe to lighter shade of blue #e4ffff

Now the last thing, we are going to add “Stroke”.

Colors: #000000 … #ffffff … #999999 … #cccccc …#000000

And here is what you got so far, if we zoom in a little:

Next step is, select the text layer, just press Ctrl + the layer in the layers preset.

Create a new layer on top of the text and press Ctrl + Shift + I to inverse the selection.

Fill the layer with one of the colors we used for our text:

Se the blending options of this layer to “Hue”. Now, at this point you are not really going to see any difference but what we want to do is add a nice wintry motif to the background, which will complete our frosty text atmosphere.

Take any image you like and paste it behind the text layer. Don’t worry if he hues of the image don’t meet the color scheme of your composition, because the blue layer with Hue overlay blending settings is going to equalize the images’ tones to match the text.

Here is your result (click the image to full view).

The PSD file of this tutorial is available for a download at only $1. Instant download upon payment verification, however if your browser blocks redirects and you have completed the transaction, email me to get the file within 24 hours. Enjoy!


Design Beautifully Frosty Text Effect

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