Step 7.

Select the Marquee Tool and load a selection over the entire text. Go to Select >> Modify >> Expand, and set the expand mode to 5 pixels.

Step 8.

Once the selection is loaded, create a new layer on top of all the other layers and using gradient tool from White to Transparent, pull a line over the selection, from top to bottom. Photoshop can be a bit tricky when it comes to working with gradients, so see what works best for you, maybe start about 20 pixels away from the selection and pull the line just half way through the text, not all the way down. Just play around with it!

Step 9.

Set the Blending Mode of the gradient glow to “Overlay”, 47% or so, and send it behind the upper leaf, the one with “normal” blending mode.We are not hunting a dramatically visible effect, we just want to make a little outline.

Step 10.

Adding snow. Make a new layer on top of all the others.  Select the brush tool, and use a small brush with soft edge. Using white (#ffffff) as your foreground color, start adding snow on top of the letters. You may need to play around with the brushes a little bit, using bigger ones on top, and drawing icicles with smaller ones.

It should look like the snow actually FELL on the letters, so do not add chaotically.

Step 11.

Apply the following Layer Styles to the snow layer…

For inner shadow, use the #989898 – darkish gray color. This is meant to give out show a nice glossy and beveled effect, allowing us to outline the iciness we want to present.

For contour, use the “Gaussian” contour, this is one of the default elements in Photoshop CS2+, maybe even in previous versions as well. If you don’t have this one, simply add a light curve to the default contour.

For color overlay we used #f7f7f7 light gray color. You may feel that you want to have the icicles more bluish, which will make them quite colder and much less realistic, but again — this is only a guidance, the more you add to the basic, the more creative your result will be.

When you are done, your ice-covered letters will look like this:

Step 12.

Last bit is to add snow. I’d suggesting to use the SAME layer you worked with for the show, as it will save you the time of apply the same layer styles once again to the snow. So simply take bigger and smaller brushes with round soft edge and place dots all over your canvas.

Done! Please feel free to download the PSD file of this tutorial and subscribe to our updates, to make sure you never miss a tut you might like even more.

download psd file