The popularity of text effects is not  going downhills and even if you may think that all the possible and impossible effects have already been tried out, sliced around and milled over — be surprised, every week I get to see new Text Effect Tutorials for Photoshop and they always look great and always impress me over and over, so in the mood of winter we decided to put together another text effect tutorial, this one is extremely easy but has a very nice outcome, which I hope will prove useful.

Step 1.

Open Photoshop and create a new canvas (Ctrl + N) of any size that will suit your needs. We are working with a relatively small canvas because we don’t need a huge one for our purpose. Fill your layer with #252d2c color.

Step 2.

Go to Layer Styles options and add Gradient Overlay from white to black, with 15% opacity. Use the Reverse mode, so that the white spot will be in the middle and not the other way around.

This is what you got so far:

Step 3.

Select the typing tool and write your word. We used “ChunkFive” font, Regular 127pt with Sharp edges.

Step 4.

Go to layer styles while the typed word is selected and apply the following settling

So far, this is the result you should be seeing. Should you decide to work with any other font, please bear in mind that for our purpose we will need a very BOLD font, otherwise the frosty dots around letters and the image we will be applying afterward will hardly be seeing.

Step 5.

Now we are going to take this beautiful image offered by

…and we are going lay this image over the text. Once you have pasted it onto your canvas, Set the Blending Mode to “Overlay”

Step 6.

Duplicate the layer with the leaves and set the blending mode of the TOP image, to Normal. Select the Eraser Tool, and using a soft brush about 65 pixels size, remove the entire layer, except for the bit with the leaves. So for the demonstration we blacked out approximately the past that should stay.

And here is what you see, the rest of the later sits “behind” the text and nicely blurred in the background while the leaves are popping out on top of the text.