Design A Very Hot Winter Composition in Photoshop for Beginners

Filter >> Render >> Clouds and create a full layer just filled with mild clouds. Once it’s ready, set its’ blending mode to “Overlay” and reduce the opacity to 80% (or less, if your image turns out too light).

Step 14

Merge the lady’s layer with the background and go to Image >> Adjustments >> Levels, making the whole layer darker and more dramatic, in our example we moved the middle (gray) arrow to 0.38

Step 15

Pick the last remaining image with grass, paste it unto the composition on top of all the other layers and using a big (150+ pixels soft edge brush, remove the remains of the grass leaving it only at the bottom of our collage. beginners always have a hard time cropping grass — it’s indeed a very hard task, but simply using a huge soft eraser tool does pretty much this trick as we don’t see the edges very clearly..

Step 16

Create a new layer and fill it fully with the color #1a346e. Set the blending mode of this layer to “Soft Light”. Make sure that this layer lies on top of ALL the other layers, including the grass as we want to make the composition organically blended, even if it’s not entirely realistic.

Step 17

Adding text to the girl’s leg. Using any font you find fit, but preferably an old looking one like Times New Roman, for example.

We used the font Arno Pro Semi bold.

This is going to be a detailed job. Using a big capital letter, type the first letter of your word and place it over the girl’s leg, making it look like the letter is actually standing on it. Using Ctrl + T transform command to rotate the letters in the  right tangle. Your next letter would not be in caps and it will be about 5 pixels less in sixe, just change the size of the font and place your next letter in the same fashion. You may even want to go farther and make the letters look like they lay and fall to the side, by simply overdoing the Ctrl + T command, and rotating the letter too much to the side.

Make sure that each next letter is smaller than the previous one, so that the last one will be significantly smaller than the first.

Apply the following Layer Styles to add the same glow as we did with the twirls and stars / sparkles.

This is what you will get once the Layer Styles have been applied…

Step 18

Last step is going to add a little life to our frosty blue and lifeless composition. Remember that Lady’s layer we duplicated and hid for the time being? Now it’s time to bring it back, siply enable the previous back and without changing its position on the canvas, drag it in the layers palette on top of all the others, this way you will have a much more colorful main character on a cold white background. For your convenience I am adding a list of all the layers and their sequence that you should have on your canvas.

That’s it, here is your result and I hope you enjoyed the tutorial! Please subscribe to our RSS feed by email, to get the full next tuts directly to your inbox.

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