Step 11

After you have transformed the shadow a little, apply a little Blur (Filter >> Blur >> Gausian Blur 3-4px) and set the opacity to Multiply and 15%.

Step 12

Now, select the flower layer, and while it’s selected, using the Eraser Tool with soft edge and 100px radius, erase half of the petal that it near lady’s mouth, so that it will create the illusion us fading smoke. Please see the illustration for better demonstration..

Step 13

Now, download and install the smoke brushes (at the beginning of the post) and use any one of them that you find particularly appealing. using the  white color as your foreground color in photoshop, we are going to create a new layer and apply the brush on the screen. In this Photoshop tutorial we will not explain how to install the brushes, hoping you already know how to do that..

Step 14

The brushes with smoke are already semi transperant, so you probably won’t need to set them to any opacity, other than Normal. If, however, in your partucular image settings you see that the smoke pretty much covers the girl’s face — try and reduce the opacity to about 80% or lower.

Once applied, using a big Eraser Tool’s soft brush of at least 150 px, remove smoke from girl’s cheeks — the way that it will create an illusion of smoke coming out from her mouth and not just chaotically spread covering her face. Therefore your smoke should also be erased from the chin, if there are any traces of it.

Step 15

Now we are going to work with the Brush tool. Set it to a small 3 pixels size, but using a Soft Edge. Please copy the settings for “Scattering” from the illustration below. The idea is to create a trail of dots, like pearls string, using your free hand and no pen tool.


Design a Stunning French Perfume Advert Poster

  1. Amazing tutorial. I generally don’t like to comment on tutorials but this was really too good to keep me silent. Keep it up!

    1. You are probably right about the flowers, i had thought about it too, frankly… thank you for the feedback!

      Will try better in my next tuts 🙂

  2. I will do this tutorial with my own ingredients but you are an excellent teacher and artist. I have bookmarked you and wish you great success in your enterprise.:-)

  3. Very good tutorila – I appreciate how all steps are explained in a very clear way. I enjoy also the “compariosn” in case the difference wouldn´t be noticed at once! Wonderful!

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