Lightening Effect

This will result in having darker sky around the fairy, and the only lit area would be around the glowing moon.

Now, we will try to create an illusion of stars, that were laying in the fairy’s hands and now that she has blown on then, they scattered all across the sky. So, we need star brushes. Basically any brushes you personally like on DA would be good, see the URL below for more info:
DeviantArt Free Star Brushes

After having downloaded and installed your brushed, make a new layer and apply a several stamps of brushes, close to fairy’s hand, as shown on the picture below.

Apply same glow settings as you did with the moon before.

Now some more complicated work, with Levels. As we want our sparkling stars to be really shining, and the overall atmosphere of the picture to be bluish and mysterious, we will Flatten the Image (don’t skip it!!) and then press Ctrl + L (to get to the Levels panel) and set the following settings, for…

Red channel:


Photoshop Tutorial – Christmas Fairy Magic – Fantasy Art

  1. An impressive tutorial, using a wide range of tools to create effects I wouldn’t have thought of previously. I wasn’t aware of the many add on brushes available for Photoshop, so I will be looking this up shortly.

    Using the lightning effect on the stars is particularly impressive, as this is an area of Photoshop that I find can be very powerful, but just requires a bit of knowledge to get a decent result out of. I wasn’t aware how much adjusting individual levels can help create an atmosphere, such as in this case by reducing the red channel, and again I will be using this in the near future. Has anyone got any further methods for creating similar effects? Thanks for any tips, great article!

  2. I stumbled across your amazing picture when looking for something for my blog. Is there any chance I could use it on my blog if I give your site credit?

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