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Apply these Gradient settings, by going to Layer >> Layer Style >> Gradient Overlay.. You may also add a shadow like we did but only if you have a dark overall feel on the canvas, otherwise the shadow will spoil the mysterious look.


The second word in our title is written in handwriting, which is more typical to horror movies and suggest a psychopath actually wrote it himself, with blood. We decided to go with an optimistically named font — “Chiller” (costs 29,00 USD to download). Also, just chose a red / scarlet hue of your choice and apply a light gradient, to give the font more depth.


That’s all, really. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and it will help you to create something beautiful for yourself, your family or friends.


download the PSD file, payment via paypal

The PSD file you download is EXACTLY same size as the preview image you see, i.e. 546*655 pixels and presents all the layers you see in the tutorial. We do NOT sell or affiliate with photographers, whose images has been used. This PSD file is for learning purposes ONLY, if you don’t manage to follow the tutorial, you can download the source file and learn better from it.


Create Classic Horror Movie Poster – Laura’s Counterplay

  1. Great tutorial, Looks very nice, the part of the picture with the woman’s hand in the air, reminds me of the car scene from titanic!! is that where the image was taken from

  2. Awesome!!! Thank you so much for sharing this! I just followed the tutorial and got something close to it.

  3. Nice tutorial! Definitely something to try out, good thing you provided the links to the stock photos. Thanks for sharing this tutorial. Keep up the good work!

  4. great job i used this for one of my projects in a computer art class! but i did notice something, on the left eye of the girl there is 2 eyes idk if u might have used the clone stamp tool in there but i just noticed that.

  5. What about this is ‘classic horror’? Looks amateurish at best and, you’d honestly charge someone .99 for this PSD? Are you serious?

  6. It looks like a good tutoria but assues way to much. Most beginners who want to learn by doing just do not know how to achieve the majority of tasks on here. Other tutorials show step-by-step pictures or explain how to find options as well as what press, but this one seem to go from A to G in the same “step”.

    Maybe once I know more this will come in handy, but for now, it’s too frustrating having to refer to other sites to find out how to perform each so-called “step” (more like a long jump!).

    If you’re a n00b, stay away from this one.

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