Still, we want more effect to enhance our composition. Create a new layer and fill it with this gradient, it also comes by default with all the CS Photoshop versions. Set gradient type to “noise” to achieve this kind of effect.
silentio photoshop tutorial fantasy art result
Make sure this green noise gradient layer in on top of all the others, and set it’s blending mode to “Linear Dodge” and opacity to 75%.
silentio photoshop tutorial fantasy art result
Next we want to add glowing little combs, flying around the girl. Using soft-edge brush and #ffffff (white) color, apply a few chaotic dots across the canvas, but try to keep them close to the girl and the shape, as if they fly about them.

That’s all, this was our “Silentio” Fantasy Art Photoshop Tutorial for today. If you wish, you can also add rain using our previously posted tutorial about Rain Photo Effect. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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Design Unforgettable Fantasy Art Scene Silentio

  1. I really loved this tutorial, i totally agree, pigeons make the most magestic bird! GO BIRDS!

  2. This is really good. I’m trying it right now, but I’m having a hard time getting that shape into my image. How do you do it?

  3. i liked this tutuorial, i also edited some things to it. just as anon said a small part of the lady’s right arm is missing ( but that doesnt matter much.. i had no other problems besides that.

  4. I so wish you would do all of your tutorials again but as a video Tutorial I do so much better when I can see it and hear step by step.Will you ever or do you have already? If so can you direct me to where.Then you should so put it on utube. would love a step by step video tutorial please.

  5. Hey!

    Great work, loving it.
    One question:
    Who’s that model?

    Would be glad if you answer via email 🙂

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