I also added a few doves, chaotically flying around the main character.  I used this image of a dove, and just pasted it on top of the canvas without cropping. Simply set the blending options to “Multiply” as well and the background will blend in by itself, leaving you with a perfectly placed image on the composition.
silentio photoshop tutorial fantasy art result
Time to give your composition a juicy angelic touch.
Make a new layer, and place it above the landscape background yet under all the other layers. Select the “Gradient Tool” and use one of the default “rainbow” gradients that come pre-installed with your Photoshop…

silentio photoshop tutorial fantasy art result
Draw a line for your gradient, using approximately the same angle as you see below..
silentio photoshop tutorial fantasy art result
Set this gradient’s blending options to “Screen“, and Opacity to about 50%. I am putting the entire layer’s panel on the preview, so that you will see which layer should lay where in case you messed up anything by now..
silentio photoshop tutorial fantasy art result
This time we will add our trademark shape which you already seen in our other very popular tutorials — Surfing Girl fashion tag and design your Perfume Billboard.

You can download the shape here.

Make a big twirly shape on your canvas.
silentio photoshop tutorial fantasy art result
Press Ctrl + T, and upon Right mouse click, chose “Distort“. Position the shape in a way that will “wrap” around the girl under  a natural angel.
silentio photoshop tutorial fantasy art result
Press Enter. Now, resterize this shape and using eraser tool with sharp edge remove the pieces of the shape that lay OVER the girl’s body. This is what it should look like by now.
silentio photoshop tutorial fantasy art result
make sure you do it really neatly because if you erase too much, or too little, the effect will no longer be so natural, so it may help you to set the shape’s opacity in Photoshop to 50%, so that you will be able to see it semi-transparently, and that way you have far less chances to mess things up. It’s also highly recommended to work at zoom, even if your quality on the screen won’t be good, you have better chances to erase acuratly, compared to working in 100%.
silentio photoshop tutorial fantasy art result

Next step. Let’s make the veil colorful as well, to give our composition a more cheery touch. Select the veil’s canvas, go to Layer Styles >> Gradient Overlay and apply one of the default, classic rainbows that come pre-installed with your Adobe Photoshop. Set the Opacity to 35% and Blend mode to “Overlay“.
silentio photoshop tutorial fantasy art result


Design Unforgettable Fantasy Art Scene Silentio

  1. This is really good. I’m trying it right now, but I’m having a hard time getting that shape into my image. How do you do it?

  2. i liked this tutuorial, i also edited some things to it. just as anon said a small part of the lady’s right arm is missing ( but that doesnt matter much.. i had no other problems besides that.

  3. I so wish you would do all of your tutorials again but as a video Tutorial I do so much better when I can see it and hear step by step.Will you ever or do you have already? If so can you direct me to where.Then you should so put it on utube. would love a step by step video tutorial please.

  4. Hey!

    Great work, loving it.
    One question:
    Who’s that model?

    Would be glad if you answer via email 🙂

    | MoC – MK – CM – CC – CPC – XGrapix – PBB – HCCB |

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