So, start off by making a new canvas, and fill it with a dark background colour, we used black.

type the word u like… we used customized GauFont PopMagic.

image 1

go to layer >> layer styles >> blending options, and set the following settings:

Inner Shadow

image 2

Inner Glow

image 3

and also…

Bevel and Emboss

image 4

Contour Line Inside

image 5


image 6


image 7

Colour Overlay

image 8

After all these settings, u will have this:

image 9

Now, duplicate your layer.

Select the upper (copied) layer and go to Filter Blur Gaussian Blur, and apply THIS BLUR

Reduce the opacity of the blurred layer to about 70%.

image 10

That’s it, hope u like the result, please post any questions u have!

Oily and Shinny Text Effect



Oily and Shinny Text Effect in Photoshop

  1. Hi – I have a general question regarding test effects – what is the general rule for print – Do text effects print well or there are some guidelines to follow?

  2. I could not get the shiny effect either but did have fun… missing the oily part 🙂
    Could be something to do with the layer styles settings I suppose.

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