Select the second layer (the one where we applied smudge stick filter) and go to Image >> Adjustments >> Brightness / Contrast. Add brightness and contrast, as shown on the picture below.

Now it’s time to get a texture. You can download any photo from or any other free photo stocks, something brownish that would imitate a rough wall… anything of your taste, we used this one:

Flatten the picture with the woman.

press Ctrl + A to select the entire canvas. Ctrl + C to copy it and then, go to the texture canvas and press Ctrl + V to paste it over the texture.

Select the background (texture) and go to Image >> Adjustments >> Brightness / Contrast. Apply these settings to make the background’s image shame less dominating, as we don’t it too be so rough so that it will ruin our main photo.

Select the woman photo layer, and set its blending mode to “luminosity”


Turn Your Photo Into a Renaissance Style Old Canvas

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