Midnight Text Effect – Photoshop Tutorial

  1. Wow! What a great tutorial! You are so nice to have spent time writing it. I followed the directions witout a hitch and my craft project looks great! Thanks!

  2. Where the hell is the tutorial -.-“””” I really like the text and I can’t find the tutorial anywhere :'(

  3. uuuuhhgg i cant see the tutorial no where, only the headline and the picture are there and after that there is only an advertisement and comments but no tutorial what so ever

  4. Thanks so much Lorelei for re-posting the font 😀 kudos fo youz 🙂

    (ps. Do you like Styx? Because your name is one of their best songs :P) [[back on topic]]

  5. You can download MoonStar Font at dafont.com And I’m not a robot advertiser 😀 xp

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