This is yet another very small freebie made in Photoshop in less than 10 minutes, but I am sure the outcome will be used on hundreds of blogs! All I did was drawing a circle, applied styles I previously posted and added a bit of a gloss. That’s all. The feed shape itself was a bit tricky but like I said, it didn’t take long at all. In the zip folder you will find 3 icons without shade and 3 with shadow (as you see on the previous picture, all in PNG format against transparent background so they are more than read-to-use. Hope you like them!

RSS icons - glossy balls, great design for your feed


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Download: RSS Feed Icons – Glossy Balls

  1. Amazing! These are absolutely striking! Some sets are what I search for my web page. That’s great that all the graphics here are so attractive. All the pix are made with uncommon style and features are greatly clear. I yet couldn’t find such icons for much time, on fat cow maybe. The only thing I may add is that I’d like it if there could be more of pix:-) Really nice material.

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