Lucky Clover: Download Free PSD

After the successful release of “Precious Heart” on my other blog,

I decided to make a sister icon with a clover leaf. When I was in Prague last time I saw such an impressive variety of Swarovsky glass and it inspired me to make a graphic with similar structure, deep and subtly sparkling. Anyway, the download is free and you can use it any way you like 🙂 The preview image is desized, otherwise blog template gets reformatted, you can previous the full version here.

Download FREE


  1. Giridhar says:

    This is awesome. Totally breathtaking. Nice work.

    and BTW, i noticed that there is a small error in your blog.
    The RSS Icon is actually an iconic representation of WiFi.
    RSS icons ought to be in Orange color and the waves tilted to right.

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  13. Erik says:

    Is this psd still available to download? Awesome image – would love to be able to download the psd if still available. Thanks!

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