tut2-6.jpg The idea is, to make the shape look as it’s behind the lady, so rasterize the upper shape’s layer and choose the Eraser Tool. Carefully remove the shape from the girl’s body. I’d suggest to use an eraser tool with hard edge, however if you want to nicely blend it with the fog effect on the background and not to make the edge too sharp, I suggest to use a 20px soft edge eraser tool.

Next step is adding glow. Make sure the upper shape is selected in your layers panel and go to Layer >> Layer styles >> Outer Glow. Apply the following glow settings using the white color. Repeat the same action for the first shape as well.


And this is what you got so far… You may also apply a few chaotic white dots, using the bruh tool and add glow, this will imitate stars on the background. This is optional, if you feel your background is too dull.



If you are making a fragrance billboard you will need a perfume bottle, but again this could be replaced with any other product you are going to “sell”. We went with this fragrance bottle from sxc.hu. Most important is to crop it properly and then find a good location for it on your billboard.

Once you have located it, it could be a good idea to add a little transparency to the glass so that you’d see the grass from underneath it. We just duplicated the layer and set one of them on “overlay”, the other on “soft” so we can see the grass through yet the bottle does not become semi-visible.


After this, make a new layer on top of all the others, select the brush tool again, using the “dune grass” brush shape, and add a bit more grass over the perfume bottle itself, to create the illusion as it sits “inside” the grass field. That’s it. Add text and your Fragrance Commercial is ready to go up on New Yorks’ streets!



Tutorial: Make Perfume Commercial in Photoshop

  1. Hi, Thanks for this tutorial – But could of used it a bit earlier.. Lol

    Finished making my Perfume adverts in Media about 3 months ago but this would of really helped then.. ;]

  2. Hi, for those who want to complete this tutorial, you will have to join the image site at http://www.sch.hu It is free to join. That done, search for ‘perfume bottle’. You will find it on page 1 top line far right, called. Perfume for Man.

    Hope this clears up any ambiguity regarding the perfume bottle.
    Now, I will have a go at this brilliant tutorial!

  3. Can you be more explicite about layer … what grade of opacity he have ? …. I think you duplicate the picture and than delete some zone of it …

  4. really really I suprise
    how can you imagine this idea
    it is very simple but you make it very amazing

    thank you so much for this tutorial

  5. u cant : you can download mine in PSD format HERE. … can u send me that psd in mail plz? it’s really fantastic!

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  7. [Hey! GREAT tutorial. Just used it & heres my result. I used some different images. The girl in the pic is my bestfriend Stephanie. I also used a stock image of some grass instead. Let me know what you think


    The image i posted is alot more dark and contrasted on here for some reason. I created the image on my laptop so maybe the lighting on my laptop is brighter than it should lol. Either way enjoy the image 🙂

  8. I’m a photoshop newbie…. unfortunately couldn’t follow along … kept mucking it up …. because I don’t know how to do lots of the steps without “click here then click here” oh well ,,,, great job though

  9. I am a beginner to PS but I can tell you why people get stuck on the brush thing, – you don’t tell us how to get that particular brush???? I stopped there. It’s like geometry, you get one step wrong and it’s no good. It looks good though.

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