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Magic Tree Wordpress Theme Free for Our Readers

Before we switched to creating a Photoshop Tutorials blog, Lorelei Web Design was used as my portfolio website, where I frequently updated our readers with free wordpress themes and recently I got a few emails with people asking, what happened to these themes? Well, I guess it’s time to pamper the old readers a little [...]

Digital Photography   

The Full Guide on How to Take Better Portrait Photos

A great portrait has the tendency to captivate and amaze the viewer. Photos, especially portraits, project emotions and the art to taking a quality portrait photo is not easily mastered. The following guide will allow you the ability to take quality portraits without the need of being a professional and you will be able to [...]

Photoshop Tutorials   

Quick and Basic Professional Deep Sephia Photo Effect

Sometimes you are probably familiar with this feeling, you are looking at a beautiful photo and you just know that a PRO took it. It just… looks professional. You can’t explain it, but you feel it and you see it. While it takes enormous efforts and endless practice until professional photos are coming out of [...]

Photoshop Tutorials   

Ultra Glossy Liquid Metal Text Effect

This tutorial is mostly based on Layer style settings and a combination of a lot of Curves. When combined together, they give a rich, deep and glossy / beveled look to the text.
Let’s get started, create a new canvas, we used 600*500 size and filled it with very dark blue-gray color: #2d3134. We also made [...]

Photoshop Tutorials   

Quickest Pop Art Photo Effect for Photoshop Newbies

Lately, after the success of my previous Photoshop Tutorial “Fallen Angel’s Dream Fly“, I got an interesting email from a girl saying that she admires my art and style, but she wish the tutorials were actually a lot more simple, with less steps and complication, a quick an interesting photo effect that a newbie can [...]

Photoshop Tutorials   

Design Surreal Composition Fallen Angel's Dream Fly

First thing you need to remember that every photo or digital artwork must have 1 point that catches the viewer’s attention. It can be (and mostly is) face or the eyes, but it can also be any other spot, that is the leitmotif of the canvas. When having too many points that catch the visitor’s [...]

Photoshop Tutorials   

Design a Surreal Fantasy Art Forest Flood Tale

I made this tutorial over a year ago, but for some reason never got to publish it and now with the major revamp of loreleiwebdesign.com I decided it’s high time to get back to this effect. I know this is maybe a bit old but since it has never been published before I do hope [...]

Photoshop Tutorials   

Design Beautifully Frosty Text Effect

Today we are going to make a tutorial on frosty text effect. While it’s still cold and wintry outside, I thought it would be high time to supply some more wintry text effects for our readers.

So, begin with makingĀ  a new canvas of any desired size, and for now please use plain white (#ffffff) background. [...]

Photoshop Tutorials   

Highest Quality Text Effect Tutorials for Photoshop

Text effects is yet another category of Photoshop tutorials that seems to gather a lot of interest, so we decided to highlight 21 best, highest quality text effect tutorials of all times. Some of these tutorials are a few years old and some are new, yet these effects are timeless and will be used even [...]

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