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Design a 3D Newspaper Cropped Text Effect

When the older generation were young, and needed to create a school design or anything that involved cropping letters,...

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Design Cool Lord-Chrome Text Effect

It’s been a while since the last time that I made a chrome-like text effect so i though let’s do something...

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Quick and Basic Professional Deep Sephia Photo Effect

Sometimes you are probably familiar with this feeling, you are looking at a beautiful photo and you just know that a...

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Ultra Glossy Liquid Metal Text Effect

This tutorial is mostly based on Layer style settings and a combination of a lot of Curves. When combined together,...

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Quickest Pop Art Photo Effect for Photoshop Newbies

Lately, after the success of my previous Photoshop Tutorial “Fallen Angel’s Dream Fly“, I got an...

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Design Surreal Composition Fallen Angel’s Dream Fly

First thing you need to remember that every photo or digital artwork must have 1 point that catches the viewer’s...

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