Designed Stylish Embossed Text with Metallic Glow

Step 5. Adding Gloss

Press “Ctrl” and click on the text layer in your Photoshop’s layers palette, this will load a selection for text.

Create a new layer on top of all the others. Using the gradient tool, from white to transparent, draw a line from the top of the text, to the bottom, this will add mild yet visible gradient to the text.

Using the elliptical lasso tool, draw a circle, as you can see on the picture below:

Go to Select >> Inverse, to inverse the selection, and press “delete” to delete the rest of the gradient. This will leave the gloss only on the upper part of the text , like this:

Now, to give it a nice and natural touch, set the layer opacity of the gloss to “Overlay” (please see below):

Step 6. Adding Sparkles

The next and the last step, is to add sweet sparkles all around the text, this will give it more depth, dreamy and elegant feel.