Design Surreal Composition Fallen Angel’s Dream Fly

Once the clouds layer is ready, press Ctrl + T  and drag the bottom line upwards, “compressing” the clouds into a smaller strap, about half of the canvas. Set the blending mode of the clouds layer to “Pin Light”. This way, you will only see the WHITE areas of the clouds and totally won’t see the black areas.

Move the clouds in a way that will allow the white areas in clouds to lay over the balloon, this way we can see that the balloons are actually floating somewhere in the area, partly obscured by the heavy sky… Use Eraser Tool with soft edge to remove any edges of the clouds layer once it’s moved and you can also duplicate that layer and make a few of them, so you will have more cloudy effect (which is what we have done).

Next, crop our beautiful Becca.

The cropping technique will not be explained here as being pretty much basic, but we want to emphasize that if you use our particular image, the cropping will be rather complicated, since at some points (such as arms) the contrast between skin and background is minimal, which makes the cropping rather difficult and we had to use a few steps to complete this task, first we used Polygonal Lasso Tool, them Magnetic Lasso Tool, them we “refine edges” as pictured below..

Place the girl unto the canvas, and desize her so she will fit in nicely..

To add our own contrast to the image, we want to make the clothes texture more visible, less dark areas yet without losing the overall contrast and juiciness of the image, so with the girl’s image selected, we went to Image >> Adjustments >> Curves, and created a custom curve that consists from 3 points, as pictured here:

Next we need a shadow underneath her legs. Draw a circle using the round shape tool and black color as your foreground Photoshop color. make sure it’s placed correctly underneath her feet and has an elliptical shape.

Resterize the layer and go to Filter >> Blur >> Gaussian Blur

Set the shadow’s opacity to Multiply 57%, and you will see that the shadow is mildly visible yet it is present and gives a more realistic illusion of the jump or fly in the air. Please also make sure that you place the shadow underneath the girl’s image!

Final Steps…

Although most of the colors we used here blended in well and eventually created an organically looking picture, we still need to equalize the layers together. What some people do, and I used to do it myself in previous tutorials, is to merge all the layers, or even flatten the image, and then work on the colorization and the levels. This is very easy and perhaps will do the trick with most beginners, but even if you are not yet that much of a pro with Photoshop,  you need to learn how to work with Layer Adjustments.

In your layers’ panel, you have a small icon below, that looks like Yin-Yang symbol.

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  2. arshy says:

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  3. Sherise Litz says:

    Where is the reset of the tutorial at???
    I thought the image is suppose to look like this:

  4. Revelily says:

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  7. surykant bandgar says:

    Good! Very nice ! I’m very like!
    i want this file for enjoyment the photo.
    Thank you, sure I will practice your steps, the final result looks great. Very useful.

  8. Kitty says:

    I did not see the part where you add the wings? I am a beginer, and was looking forward to that part. Could any one help me? Other than that one of the best detailed tutorials I have ever read!

  9. Wow! Very nice ! looking Great.

  10. Chullos says:

    Great trick, I will follow your steps, just needed an image like this one, thank you.


  11. Fabricio says:

    Dear Lorelei , thank you for the useful tutorial, even a novice like me can follow your steps and get a professional final results. Thanks from Peru.

  12. Michel says:

    I payed by PayPal but I got a message that de zip-file didn’t exists.

    Please send it to me by email

    Thanks in advance,

  13. Ashraf says:

    Creativity at the best step. I will practice your steps, the final result looks great. Very useful. thnks

  14. Excellent Tutorial. Do you have any tutorials using the Gimp software?

  15. Meer Anis says:

    My dream girl is angel. Liked it and appreciate for a nice design.

  16. Shohel Rana says:

    Nice work on super real composition. It creates magical effect. Thank you for sharing.

  17. Ashraf says:

    Excellent work. I’m really appreciate for this design. its really creative work.

  18. Ashraf says:

    Excellent Photoshop work. And also useful & helpful post. Thanks

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    cool and very

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