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Design Unforgettable Fantasy Art Scene Silentio

Design Unforgettable Fantasy Art Scene Silentio

I can’t tell you how many requests I get, from people asking to make more Fantasy Art tutorials. Following the enormous success of “Plasma in a Lake“, “Fairy and Sunset Landscape“, “Mysterious moonlit landscape“, and “Sinking Moon Eclipse” (and some others)… I hadn’t much time recently and therefore made very little tutorials over the past months, but now I decided to give in to the massive-peer-pressure and make some more, truly amazing fantasy art tutorials for our read readers. Today you will be designing a beautiful moment seized in time, of a girl captured in a jump under the rain. This composition is called “Silentio” (and as you might have guessed, it means “silence” in Latin). I used to make more of a “dark fantasy art” previously, but now I am more fascinated with the light, colorful and angelic composition, that Photoshop allows you to create. Before I forget, if you want to share your result, feel free to add it to our flickr group.

So, Let’s get started…

You will need a few stock photos to get started:

Open the landscape photo. First we want to adjust it a little bit because the original picture is a bit, so go to Image >> Adjustments >> Levels and set the following settings for RGB channel.

Now that our background has a better contrast, open the girl’s image and crop it carefully.  We used Magnetic Lasslo Tool to do the cropping but of course you can also crop using the infamous mask technique, the choice is your. Once the image is cropped…

…place the girl on the landscape canvas, where you want her to appear. Remember, that we want to capture a jump, so she should not be too close to a ground or any object, if you have any on your background image.

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  1. Great tutorial and amazing result.
    Thanks, I’ll definitely try it :)

  2. This is beautiful, I’ll try it for sure.

  3. This is FRantastic Fantasy!!!!! Gorgeous!!!!

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I really loved this tutorial, i totally agree, pigeons make the most magestic bird! GO BIRDS!

  5. This is really good. I’m trying it right now, but I’m having a hard time getting that shape into my image. How do you do it?

  6. Fenomenal!Una retoque fotografico muy logrado

  7. Brilliant got tohave a go

  8. Excellent work i love fantasy art

  9. What a great bit of work. thanks for sharing this.

  10. muy bueno el tutorial man gracias por subirlo

  11. why is she missing part of her right arm?

  12. i liked this tutuorial, i also edited some things to it. just as anon said a small part of the lady’s right arm is missing ( but that doesnt matter much.. i had no other problems besides that.

  13. My like the people that fly like the angels.

  14. I so wish you would do all of your tutorials again but as a video Tutorial I do so much better when I can see it and hear step by step.Will you ever or do you have already? If so can you direct me to where.Then you should so put it on utube. would love a step by step video tutorial please.

  15. Hey!

    Great work, loving it.
    One question:
    Who’s that model?

    Would be glad if you answer via email :)

    | MoC – MK – CM – CC – CPC – XGrapix – PBB – HCCB |


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