Dark Fantasy Art Photoshop tutorial – Fairy and Sunset Landscap

Dark Fantasy Art tutorial called  “Sleeping Sun” by Lorelei (me!) was originally posted on www.loreleiweb.com The tutorial remains a copyright property of Lorelei © 2009, however,  now it has moved to PSwish.com due to technical / server reasons. We invite all our LoreleiWeb community to subsribe to our feed and make sure you don’t miss any tutorial written by your favorite authors.

Despite been classed as fantasy art, this is a mere photo manipulation – make a fairy and your own mystic scenery; creating a landscape from scrap is now possible! I was inspired by the huge success of my previous fantasy art tut, which I posted in this forum last week… I got quite a few emails thanking me for it and many PS blogs featured it, so I decided to give in to repeated requests from millions of loving fans and do one more fantasy / scenery tut…

This is basically a mix of whats we call “fantasy art” and “dark/ gothic art”

I want to mention in advance that this tutorial is mostly for more experienced users, here we will need to use a lot of “hand work” and common sense; you will be working with your own images, and would need to adjust to the “needs” of your landscape.

So, lets get started… make a new canvas – 600* 400.

Fill your background layer with any dark colour, we chose to do it with blue, but you can use black as well.

Take a picture of a girl… we used this one, from Liam Stock, free photo resource.. ( http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/39058232/ <– Full resolution image)

This would depend on the image you use, but try to crop the figure accurately and remove the background.

Select the cropped girl from your canvas, and paste it unto the blue fantasy canvas we will create.

Place her in the middle, not to close to the edge, as she will be our leitmotif.

Next step, you will need different photos in order to combine a landscape.

First off, a photo of a shore. We took a pic offered free by ~gladly.


Press ctrl + a to select the entire water scape, Ctrl + c to copy it, and then , when you go to the fantasy canvas – press Ctrl + V to paste it.

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144 Responses

  1. gutones says:

    i dont like so much those gothic pics, but it’s nice to learn

  2. plasticheedcase says:

    yeah, the second one is good, but the figure wasnt cut properly, and i feel it let me down, but thanks anywhay

  3. druid.priestess says:

    thanks…it is people like you who have so much talent that you are not afraid to give away the world…
    I have an old adobe set about 5 years old…the whole kit. I am looking at paintshop pro, but I only have a trial…what do you suggest…should I buy a new photoshop, or would I be able to get downloads off of cnet and so forth?
    thanks for this great tutorial. I will have to attempt it. I do faerie spells and I like as much faerie grafix as I can get….thanks again, and if I get into this, I will be sure to pay you first. Love your giving nature.

  4. Elfdaughter says:

    Plasticheedcase – please don’t discuss illegal operations like that on an open forum.

  5. kaitenwyanis says:

    all of you are the best!!! 😀

    I think I in the right place to learn photoshop 😀

  6. YoungBuck92 says:

    is it possible to add halos or change the coloration of the clothes?

  7. Nick M says:

    Just joined and came across this. Nice write up. 🙂

    Here is my attempt. In retrospect there are a few things I would change but o well, I’ll take it for my first shot.


    PS: What host do most people use? I have webshots and photobucket and they both pretty much kill quality and color.

  8. kie says:

    So cool..but why I can’t make things work like this? the color doesn’t balance at all 🙁

  9. horseshorses1 says:

    thanx…. can i ask you on question where are you from… i mean where were you borne????….
    becouse on a picture you have there are russian words why is that…. are you from Russia or somthing….

  10. delarmedia says:

    Hi all….well I signed up about 10 hours ago and then took my whirl at this fabulous tutorial. I had bookmarked it about a week ago but needed some practice before diving into this one. I played around for awhile and below is my final version. Thanks so much for the instructions; the tut has inspired my mind with further visions…great, I’m already a black belt in insomnia. :big: Hahaha! Wishing you all the best,

    Rob del Arsante’


    Credit to: Tut by Lorelei
    *Clouds from* FreeFoto.com
    *Stock model* Liam….liam-stock.deviantart.com
    *Grunge frame* Tackybrush……tackybrush.deviantart.com

  11. CINDY says:

    hollla muy chevere estos tutos para crear fantasia de la nada


  12. Susan says:

    Thank you for publishing this, I am very new to this type of art, and I enjoyed the challange. I am pleased with my result I used all my own pictures, now I will try again in my own style. I will look out for more of your tutorials

    Thank you again


  13. Narendra.s.v says:

    Great tutorial there but i wonder is that Sunset Landscape or a Sunset Landscap.?!

  14. daffodils says:

    nice tutorial…and easy to follow..thanks!really liked it…tried some for my pictures and it really is great!

  15. CgBaran Tuts says:

    Another great fantasy art work thanks

  16. KO MYINT MAUNG says:

    Nice but not easy and might have a good idea. I am collecting likewise lessons. Have a nice day!

  17. Very good tutorial, thanks.

  18. Stephen Webb says:

    This is another excellent tutorial and makes use of a range of effects that are powerful but take time to master. The lighting effects tool can be used very effectively if done correctly, as in this case.

    The layer tools seem to have an infinite number of uses, and the outer glow methods as illustrated here certainly show their power. Using these and combining them with other effects such as levels and shadows can create stunning results.

    I would like to see more tutorials like this, may be some that concentrate on using certain tools of Photoshop. Thanks for another useful tutorial!

  19. Nice tutorial! Thanks for that, tried to do it, bit harder then it looks though.

  20. Im going to have a good attempt at this tonight once I have wined down. Thanks.

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  22. gPLisa says:

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  23. funny video says:

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  24. I wish i had these types of tutorial when i started with Photoshop2 6 years back! every thing is so nicely explained!

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