Gold Text Effect – Super Easy Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial was originally published on and moved over here for technical reasons.

Again a very easy and basic tutorial that doesn’t require much knowledge and experience with photoshop.

Create a new layer, dark brown or any hue. Select the typing tool and type any word / letter on it. I have chosen to use the #d99003 colour for my text, font called ‘Ballpark Weiner’ (available for a free download : ) However, if you select any other orange hue, it would still be great.. dont forget that in order to achieve “gold”, you need to start off with orange color.


Click on Layer >> Layer Style >> Shadow.
Apply the following settings:


Go to Bevel and Emboss tab and apply the following settings:


Now, for the final touch, click on Filter >> Render >> Lightening effect. Apply these settings on the background layer (not to the text!) in order to give your canvas a little bit more depth. Naturally, this is an optional step, but is highly recommended in order to make your final result look truly polished.

16 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ok this doesn’t work…it doesn’t make my text shiny gold…u must have forgotten a step!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Forget it i found the problem!

  3. PSWISH is a moron! says:

    It doesnt work at all! moron!

  4. Ries says:

    I do it with GIMP and when I installed the font, GIMP doesnt display it on it’s list of fonts, can you help me??

  5. dinesh says:

    it didnt work dear…no glow

  6. Dante says:

    Excelente efecto, muchas gracias por el tutorial.


  7. drpilmp says:

    ??? what are ya saying this tut worked perfect and thank you for it

  8. mhd says:

    thanx igot it easyly

  9. Ellen says:

    My text is still the orange color, could you have forgotten a step or do I have to have CS4 to accomplish this?

  10. Sanya says:

    It worked for only 2/3 people? Don’t listen to them, this works perfectly. Even for someone like me, who is using photoshop after a long time.

  11. i like this typography …thanks for sharing man…

  12. Really nice design…thanks for sharing…

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