Lucky Clover: Download Free PSD

After the successful release of “Precious Heart” on my other blog,

I decided to make a sister icon with a clover leaf. When I was in Prague last time I saw such an impressive variety of Swarovsky glass and it inspired me to make a graphic with similar structure, deep and subtly sparkling. Anyway, the download is free and you can use it any way you like 🙂 The preview image is desized, otherwise blog template gets reformatted, you can previous the full version here.

Download FREE


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25 Responses

  1. Luke Westlie says:

    I love your work! your amazing!

  2. Giridhar says:

    This is awesome. Totally breathtaking. Nice work.

    and BTW, i noticed that there is a small error in your blog.
    The RSS Icon is actually an iconic representation of WiFi.
    RSS icons ought to be in Orange color and the waves tilted to right.

  3. altpanda says:


  4. Nice work.. thanks for share psd file

  5. Hi thank you very much for your design! I really love it!

  6. Denny says:


  7. TeKToNiK says:

    The download link doesn’t work … unfortunately

  8. So-you’ve opt for occupation as being a artist. What sort of dollars are you able to expect to help make with this discipline first of all, you’ll want to examine exactly what you’ll make whenever you get into …photoshop tutorials

  9. Erik says:

    Is this psd still available to download? Awesome image – would love to be able to download the psd if still available. Thanks!

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