Tutorial: Make Perfume Commercial in Photoshop

This tutorial will teach you how to make your very own fragrance advertisements, and even though we chose to use Monica Beluci in this tutorial, you can turn any ordinary home-made picture into a fragrance advertisement billboard. So first of all you need a picture of a girl (or boy you are doing to use. Pictures of people against black or dark backgrounds are better, since we will try to create an illusion of nocturnal sky.

Once you opened a new canvas with the desired dimensions of your billboard, create a new layer and fill it with any dark blue or dark purple hue, we used #210a3a. Make sure that your ‘background’ colour is set to white, and go to Filter >> Render >> Clouds. This will will your upper layer with nice foggy fibber texture. Set the overlay settings of this clouds layer to “Linear Light” (see illustration).


Our aim is to create a nicely high contrasted photo with a pit of fog and glow effect as well as make the background look like a night sky. SO, what we are going to do it, duplicate the photo of the girl, drag it (in the layer’s panel) on top of other 2 layers, and set this layer’s settings to “Overlay”



Next step is filling the bottom of the billboard with grass. This is the easiest part although I noticed that many get stuck here. We will be using the brush tool, with a default Photoshop CS2 brush called “brush dune”. You should have it. Set your foreground color to green (any hue, up to you, as long as it gives a natural look) and fill the bottom of the screen more or less like you see on the picture. The default settings for this brush are set to “scattering” so you don’t need to do much work except for just not overdoing the grass over the photo.

Next step is adding twirly shape.

If you don’t have any nice and twirly shape, you can download mine in PSD format HERE.

So you will either select a custom shape tool and draw any twirly shape of your choice, or take mine from the PSD file, drag and drop it to your canvas. Place the shame Between the girl’s layer and the grass (see below). Next, duplicate the shape later, transform it horizontally (or vertically, depending on your shape) and place it more or less as you can see on the illustration below.