Download Glossy Caramel Layer Styles

This is one of the first tutorials I was making when I tried to promote Lorelei Web Forum. It’s a very nice style, looks like it was caramelized and it has a lot of depth. You will certainly going to enjoy this file but please remember that this is my material and must not be redistributed without permission.

Download Caramel Style Effect

    (250 kb)

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      5 Responses

      1. Leader says:


        very nice

        thank you for tise Styles

      2. jameswied says:

        very very very greats,nice bro thanks!

      3. hashemi says:

        very nice
        thank you

      4. nir Biton says:

        very very nice

      5. amjath says:

        hi i like ur font we much.
        hats off grt work dude.

        can i use for font for my work ?

        is it ok with u.

        Thanks a lot

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